Universal Studios : The Virginian Backlot 1967

This aerial photograph shows the Universal Studios backlot in 1967. Shiloh Ranch is visible in the lower left. The Virginian Medicine Bow sets were centered around New Denver Street and Laramie Street. Other locations are Six Points Texas, Mexican Street, Fort Laramie and Waterfall & Caves.

Photo originally posted by universalstonecutter


13 thoughts on “Universal Studios : The Virginian Backlot 1967”

  1. Paul, I know that the Shiloh Ranch set is no longer standing. But does Universal Studios have any Western streets remaining?

  2. Good question Richard. Last time I looked there were still some Westerns streets remaining but I was told some were due for demolition.

  3. I saw something like this a few weeks ago on Flickr.
    Universalstonecutter has some really good stuff – especially concerning The Virginian. There’s a whole set of Virginian backstage photos. They’re really neat.

  4. Can you tell me when the show Laramie with John Smith and Robert Fuller was filmed was the Sherman ranch filmed at the Shilow ranch ? If not, can you tell me where it was filmed ? I would think it would be at the time a standing ranch house and lot as the show was on for 3 or 4 years Thanks Richie Bartolo

    1. Hi Richie: The Shiloh Ranch set was built specifically for “The Virginian” in 1962. “Laramie” (1959-1963) pre-dated “The Virginian” and was also filmed on the Universal-Revue Studios backlot, but the Sherman Ranch was a different set. Both shows did share the same “Laramie Street” backlot. Production briefly overlapped for one season (1962-63). James Drury told me he would see the Laramie crew filming the show while he was filming “The Virginian.” Robert Fuller became close friends with Doug McClure.

      1. I don’t know the exact location Gary as my speciality is “The Virginian” TV series. I have the following info: The set that served as the Sherman Ranch and Relay Station appears in a 1960 episode of Wagon Train – The Larry Hanify Story.
        The town scenes were filmed on Western Street on Universal’s backlot (a.k.a.Revue Studios at the time of filming).

    1. Hi Michael: The waterfall set was most likely located at Falls Lake on the Universal backlot. “Between the 1920s and 1980, the cliffs were much taller than they are now. In 1980/81 the ground levels of a large area of the backlot / theme park were changed with a massive construction project. The ground level in this part of the backlot were raised considerably.”

      1. Thank you sir! I’m really enjoying re-watching this series so many years later. Easily the best of the TV westerns of that era.

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