The Quest starring Tim Matheson and Kurt Russell

In 1976 Tim Matheson and Kurt Russell starred in the short-lived TV Western The Quest. The YouTube introduction explains the premise of the series. I recall watching it on BBC 1 when suddenly it was removed from the schedules without explanation. The show had been cancelled mid-season. Apparently the British had a greater love for the TV Western than Americans in the mid-1970s.

This was an entertaining series with two up-and-coming actors and deserved a full season at least. But the TV Western was dying in America in favor of shows such as Charlie’s Angels, famous for the jiggle-factor and threadbare plots.

Tim Matheson to direct “White Collar” Season Two Premiere

Tim Matheson has definitely had the longest and arguably the most successful post-Virginian career. He continues to work as both actor and director and will be directing the Season 2 premiere of USA Network’s latest hit show White Collar this summer as well as having a recurring role in the show. For more information on White Collar and some interviews and clips from the show go to my Pete Duel weblog.

I recently saw Matheson in an episode of Burn Notice (also a USA Network show). Now that his boyish good looks have weathered with age he makes for a convincing villain.

Tim Matheson in Bonanza (1972)

Many fans of Tim Matheson were disappointed when his successful introduction in season 8 of The Virginian wasn’t carried over into The Men From Shiloh

Matheson soon found work when he was added to the cast of Bonanza for its final season playing Griff King.  He would follow this with work on the fondly remembered The Quest co-starring Kurt Russell.  Matheson’s third Western series in a row would also prove to be his third one season project. 

Matheson continues to be active as both actor, director and voice-over artist in a long and successful career.