Sara Lane in “Beloved Outlaw” (5:11)

AladdinSara Lane with “Aladdin” from the classic Virginian episode “Beloved Outlaw” (5:11). Elizabeth Grainger (Sara Lane) trains a beautiful wild stallion in the hope of competing in the annual Founder’s Day Race in Medicine Bow. In reality Aladdin was an 18-year-old stallion trained as a “trick horse” by veteran horse trainer Ralph McCutcheon. (Thanks to Victoria Snoddy Thompson and INSP).

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6 thoughts on “Sara Lane in “Beloved Outlaw” (5:11)”

  1. I just saw this classic episode on NSP. Great episode. I am looking forward to seeing the one with Robert Redford, can’t believe it was made 50 years ago.

    1. The Robert Redford episode is also excellent Barb. Yes it is hard to believe that 50 years have passed since the first season. Quality stands the test of time.

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