Doug McClure Art Print Update

# 6 A

Diana Blair has a new Doug McClure art print for sale.  This print is taken from Doug’s original sketch from 1985.  It replaces the old # 6 print which is currently unavailable.  The size of the print is 8.5 x 11.5 on 90 lb paper at $25.00 each. Shipping is $6.00 within the USA.  The strip of paper on the scan isn’t part of the original artwork but has been placed there for copyright purposes.

In response to questions I’ve received I am not personally involved in the production or selling of these prints so please contact Diana direct at :  for further information.

Clu Gulager “Star Crossed”

For all you Clu Gulager fans here’s a publicity photograph from my personal collection for The Virginian episode “Star Crossed” (6:04). The blurb on the reverse of the photograph reads :

Deputy Ryker (CLU GULAGER) helps the wife of an old friend (LISABETH HUSH) and her stepson Brian (BRIAN NASH) in this week’s episode of THE VIRGINIAN entitled “Star Crossed.”