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Born in the historic city of Lincoln, England, my family moved across the Pennines to Oldham, near Manchester.  After graduation from Oldham Art College I found employment at World Distributors Publishers in Manchester working on numerous TV related titles.  I worked on a freelance basis for various publishers including Marvel UK, DC Egmont, Disney UK, World International, Grandreams and Whitman-Golden Books U.S.A. as an illustrator and writer, before entering animation for a short period working on BBC and ITV children’s television series and commercials.
In the 1990s I contributed to such magazines as “Book and Magazine Collector” and “Memorabilia” and wrote and illustrated “Showbiz Teaser” and “TV Cults” for the Knight Features agency in London.  My book Green’s Guide to Collecting… was published in 2000.  I emigrated to the U.S.A. in 2002.
Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. :
A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006; 2009 Softcover edition); Foreword by Frank Price
Pete Duel : A Biography (2007; 2009 Large Print edition; 2014 Second Edition); Foreword by Pamela Deuel; Belinda Montgomery
Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009; 2016 Second Edition)
Jennifer Jones: The Life and Career (2011); Foreword by Robert Osborne
Roy Huggins (2012); Foreword by Jo Swerling Jr.
Jeffrey Hunter (2013); Foreword by Robert Wagner
Encyclopedia of Weird War Stories (2017)


92 thoughts on “Paul Green – Author”

  1. Paul:
    This is Bill Wrobel of Film Score Rundowns.
    Is it possible you can list the specific episodes that Bernard Herrmann composed for THE VIRGINIAN series. I already know he scored “Nobility of Kings,” “Show Me A Hero” from the 4th eeason, “The Reckoning” from the 6th season, and “Last Grave at Socorro Creek” from the 7th season. Did he do more???

    By the way, I just found out about your book on the series. Did you include composer credit for each episode??

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Bill : Yes in Chapter 26 (pages 217-229) I credit individual episodes and provide short bios of all the composers who worked on The Virginian. I also go into detail about some of Bernard Herrman’s scores for the show. Yes the episodes you list are the only ones he scored for The Virginian.

      1. Do you also know the titles and composers of songs that were performed in the show? I’ve been able to identify most of the traditional and folk songs, but there are a couple that Randy sang in Season 4 (in “One Spring Like Long Ago” and “A Bald-Faced Boy”) that I don’t know and would like to know more about.

      2. I interviewed Randy Boone for my book where he talks about singing on The Virginian. I also include The Irish Rovers who appeared later in the series. Randy Boone and Roberta Shore also appeared on a LP record singing songs from The Virginian. It often comes available on eBay.
        My book features an extensive music section.

  2. Dear Paul, loved you book on the Virginian, it was my favourite tv western. Have toured most of the film backlots in Hollywood except the CBS television centre on Radford Avenue. I have a friend in Burbank who published a magazine about tv westerns. Last year he took me to several western locations. JEff, Hyde, Cheshire, England.

    1. Thanks Jeffrey. Good to hear from you. I used to travel on the train through Hyde on my way to pick up work in Knutsford for many years. I’m always fascinated by how popular The Virginian continues to be in England. The majority of the feedback I receive is from English or Irish fans of the show.
      Glad you enjoyed my book.

  3. Hi Paul,
    I am a huge western fan and have been compiling a library of western books for a few years now:^) Would you be willing to autograph your book for me?

    Thank you so much!

  4. Hi
    Do you have any clue to where the Alias Smith and Jones episode The Long Chase was shot? The guys and Briscoe step off the stagecoach at fictious Circle Y Ranch. The scenery is amazing, and I would like to go there in October. If anyone can tell me the location, that is!
    Best regards
    Will, Sweden

    1. To be more precise about the location Will – Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. Interiors were filmed back at Universal Studios.

  5. Paul:

    I love your book. It really enhances my appreciation of THE VIRGINIAN. You had great interviews with Drury, Clarke, and Price. Watching the episodes, I think that the quality during the Price years was more consistent than during the MacDonnell years.
    I am much more bullish though about MacIntire’s Clay Grainger than Price is. He’s the only owner who looks all that comfortable on a horse; and think that Jeanette Nolan gave some of the best performances in the entire series. Thanks for the great book.
    Bob Kimble

    1. Pleased to hear you enjoyed my book Bob. Thanks for the kind words and comments. Always interesting to hear different opinions on the cast. I tend to agree with Frank Price’s opinions – even before I interviewed him.

  6. Paul, interesting to read the published news about Danielle Roter, what happened to her after leaving “The Virginian”.

    Do you have any address from her, where she can becontacted?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,

  7. Paul..
    Boyd Magers (WESTERN CLIPPINGS) here..
    Trying to locate Elizabeth Baur for an interview re our GATHERING OF GUNS 3 Festival in Memphis next June. James Drury, Roberta Shore, Gary Clarke, Randy Boone and Don Quine are all attending. Can you help me locate her?

  8. Ooops..Forgive previous email. I meant SARA LANE. Baur is with LANCER, and we also have James Stacy attending.

    1. She did manage a winery until recently but that business went under and she may have moved. I’ll see what I can do and get back to you Boyd.

  9. Mr. Green,
    I would like to purchase your book titled: A History of Television’s
    The Virginian 1962 – 1971. However, the prices online are a
    little expensive. Would you be able to send me a copy at a
    lesser price?

    I would appreciate hearing from you.

    Jeffrey Hensley

    1. Hello Jeffrey : All my spare personal copies of my Virginian book have been sold out. Amazon usually offer the best discounts if you’re looking for the cheapest price online.

  10. Hi Paul

    I truely enjoyed every page of this book, being a huge fan of the Virginian television series. It is great to see people like your self who would take the time to document all the characters & important history of this magnificent tv series. It is a pity that Hollywood has gone away from making these type of great western tv series. Long live the “VIRGINIAN”

    1. Thanks Dejan and greetings to Sydney, Australia. I have a neice living and working in your country and know The Virginian is very popular again at the moment.

  11. Who knows , they might even make a western tv series or movie in my neck of the woods ? Sydney Australia.

  12. I really loved reading your book about “The Virginian” TV series. Watching it on Encore and then following along with your book has been terrific. Just recently, I watched the episode where Mr. Drury was blinded and felt it was one of his best acting jobs on the series. He showed a great deal of vulnerability that was lacking in other episodes. I’m curious that one of the episodes was not shown: “The Heritage” with Buffy St Marie. I’m hoping they will re-run the first couple of seasons as I didn’t start watching until season 3 started!

    Thanks again for your book!

    1. Thanks Alice. Yes “A Flash of Blindness” (8:02) is memorable and displayed his warm and trusting friendship with Trampas. A pity about not showing “The Heritage” (7:07) as it is one of the standout and ground-breaking episodes due the native American cast.

  13. People on other forums say that Encore has skipped ‘The Heritage’ every time they’ve run through all the episodes. Don’t know why. They also skipped ‘Storm Over Shiloh’, a favorite of mine.

    1. That is strange Bob. But they’ve also missed all of season nine so my guess is they weren’t included in the syndication package. But that doesn’t answer why?

  14. Hi Paul,
    I just got your book on the Virginian and thank you so much for answering so many questions about the cast changes! Now I wish there was a book on all the sets and costumes of the show.

  15. Hi Paul

    Hope you are well…
    I just watched the first episode of Kung Fu… with Barry Sullivan…his important lines were the same “words” as he used in The Virginians “White Wing”..there are more similarities (ie if you watch you will see).
    Do you think he was given this role on Kung Fu, based on copying his role on the Virginians episode”White Wing”?(all be it in another context?)

    1. Hello Michael : I very much doubt it given the ten year gap between “White Wing” and the Kung Fu pilot. As you know Barry Sullivan appeared in numerous TV episodes so the similarities are probably the result of so many storylines having similar themes in Westerns in general. In a recent radio interview even James Drury mentioned he’d go home and watch “The High Chaparral” and find out it was almost the same story as a Virginian episode he’d filmed. There was a big crossover in themes in all Western shows. So I’d say the Barry Sullivan roles being similar are just chance.

  16. Hello Mr. Green. Just discovered you and your book and hope to order it soon. In the meantime, I have a question regarding two reoccuring songs that are played during the early years whenever there is a party at the Judge’s or in town. One is very upbeat and the other a waltz. I had always loved both melodies. I was then watching an episode of “Wagon Train ” – “The Jenny Tannen Story” and to my amazement Ann Blyth sang both songs! The first called ” To Settle in the West” and the other “Tomorrow is Yours and Mine”. Do you by any chance know who composed these songs? And the connection between these two series? Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Janelle : Yes I mention this in my book. John Williams (Star Wars, Harry Potter, Superman) wrote the themes. The connection between the series is Revue Studios. They produced both Wagon Train and The Virginian. The complex history of Revue Studios and Universal TV is also detailed in my book.

      1. Do you know if piano sheet music for “Tomorrow” was ever published? I’d love to be able to play it.

  17. Thank you so much, Mr. Green, for solving that mystery for me. And I am going to go straight to Amazon and buy a copy of your book. Can’t wait to read it. I also wish there was a recording of these songs. Thank again.

      1. Good research Elisabeth. 🙂 I see they’ve credited John Williams and Frederick Herbert who most likely wrote the lyrics.

  18. Once again, I am amazed by what one can find on the internet. Thank you so much Elisabeth. I have purchased both tunes and listening to them right now. Thank you!

  19. I’m glad to find your site Paul. I hope to find a copy of your book too. I was just a kid when the Virginian was on but really looked forward to it every week. Too bad they don’t make shows like that anymore. Good to see it’s all on DVD though too!

  20. Glad you like my site Tim. My book is available through Amazon and online bookstores or direct from my publisher McFarland & Co. .

  21. Hi Paul, I’m new at this (very first blog post) but I came across this while looking for Sara Lane (or any of the Lanes, for that matter). I spent weeks during the summers of ’64-’66 at the Topanga Beach/Canyon home of Rusty Lane (I do know that Rusty passed in the late ’80s) and his wife Sarah who had a daughter by the same name along with a son named Walter. The younger Sara, of course, played on The Virginian. I had met Walter during tryouts for different movie and TV parts were were trying to get as child actors back then. My extensive travels as a professional yachtsman over the decades exacerbated the problem of staying in contact with them and others, and I was wondering if you still had contact with any of the Lane family members. I know they would be as interested in making contact as I am… we had some really great times together during that period. If you could pass my contact info on to them I would be most appreciative. Best regards, J~

    1. Hi Jim; I’m no longer in contact with Sara. I interviewed her a few years ago and found her to be very friendly. She’ll be attending the Memphis Film Festival soon so you can contact the organizer of the event and he might be able to help.

  22. Thanks, Paul… I’ve already checked the site out and noticed a couple other old friends are attending, as well, including Johnny Crawford. We had the same drama coach back in the mid-’60s (Lois Auer)… this will be fun! Your efforts on my fehalf are appreciated. J~

  23. Hi Paul,
    I took several photos at the 50th reunion and would like to share them with you and others. Is that something I can do, and if so, how?

    1. Thanks Mary. I’ve e-mailed you with details of how to send me the photos to place on this site for everyone to see.

  24. I am working on the McClure family history. The family story is that Doug McClure is a second cousin. He and my uncle look enough alike to have been twins and definitely carry the family resemblance. Can you steer me towards anyone who might have some information to help me in my quest? Thank you

  25. Dear Paul,
    Why not write a book about the west from the perspective of the thousands of indians who were slaughtered for their land?

  26. I will be interviewing James Drury this coming Tuesday on my radio show ‘Losh-Man’s Hollywood Classics’. The Show will air Sunday 3/9/14 2-3pm CT on . Wanted to see if you and I might talk sometime before Tuesday. You can call me (816)-914-3578-preferably before 2pm CT weekdays.

    1. Just listened to your interview with James Drury on your radio show John. It was a great interview and I’d like to thank you for mentioning my book and for Jim’s kind words about my writing. It means a lot to me. Is there any way of obtaining a copy of the recording for my personal collection or a link for fans to listen to it again? Thanks again.

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  28. Hello Paul. Thankyou for your wonderful book on Pete Duel, looking forward to the 2nd edition. I wish to ask you something but would rather do via email if possible. Many thanks.

  29. Hi Paul
    I am looking forward to reading the second edition of your Pete Duel book. I enjoyed the first but it did leave so many questions unanswered, certain things were touched upon but not elaborated (for example Peter’s nose was broken?!) Have you been able to put some more of the pieces together for the new book? I really hope so.

    1. Hi Jill: Yes I’ve discussed the nose in more detail. Some questions will remain unanswered because of the passage of time but I’ve done my best to provide a more complete profile of Pete Duel thanks to new interviews from friends who knew him etc.

  30. Great Site! Thanks – I finally learned the title of the song that has been haunting me – it was in so many episodes – it is “Tomorrow”!! Thanks a million!

  31. I have a few screen shots of Sarah Lane if you’re interested. I noticed you mentioned she was one of the most popular searches on here.

  32. Hi Paul
    I have just read the 2nd edition of your Pete Duel bio. The extra input from Pete’s close friends really helped to give a much more rounded picture of the real person. Also reading some of Peter’s own words. He certainly wasn’t the happy go lucky Hannibal Heyes that we see on the screen but what came through strongly was that those who knew him loved him. The analysis chapter was enlightening and I think you have answered as many questions as you possibly could given the passage of time.

  33. Thanks for your comments Jill. Yes Pete was much more serious in real life than Hannibal Heyes, although he had that mischievous sense of fun as a younger man.

  34. Dear Paul, like a few others who have left comments, I read your well written biography on Pete Duel (2nd revised edition) an actor who, had he lived longer, would have been one of the truly great actors of his day.
    Regarding his sense of fun & humor, you mentioned his meeting and drinking with Wilfred Brambell in Phladelphia, is there a photo of that encounter anywhere as it would be highly amusing if one exists!.

    1. Hi Frank : Glad you enjoyed my book. Sadly, I never came across a photo of Pete Duel and Wilfred Brambell together during my research. I wish I had as it would have made for a great photo.

  35. Dear Paul, thank you for your reply regarding the Pete Duel/Wilfred Brambel encounter – I have to say that when I said your book was well written, that was very much a understatement.It was an exceptional book and so well researched, with a very well selected set of photos to complement the chapters of an unusually gifted but flawed actor. – Just by way of interest, I received an e-mail from Geoff Duel in January out of the blue, it seems he was interested in or had been informed about my writing briefly on the Pete Duel Memorial site, plus other writings I have produced (nothing approaching your league of course!). He asked my views on your book, and I told him I thought it very well researched. I also told him how I could.not put it down, as I read it from start to finish in one go!. – anyway, many thanks for your fine effort. – I and many others learned a great deal about the complex nature of Pete Duel, an enigmatic figure cut off before his true abilities could manifest into what would have been classic screen performances on TV and film. Frank Fabien

  36. Hi, just came across this website as I was looking for information on the show which I recently discovered on isnp. While watching the show I noticed that most, if not all, actors are excellent riders – was that a pre-requisite for the show or were they trained for it? Thanks for the info. Palma Seljan

    1. Hi Palma: Doug McClure and James Drury were excellent riders – but Roberta Shore admitted to me she was afraid of horses and used a double in many scenes. Gary Clarke told me learned to ride a horse on the job. Sara Lane loved horses and was also an excellent rider. The full interviews are available in my book “A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971.” Available from McFarland & Co Publishers or online booksellers.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply and apologies for the delay in replying but I lost my father-in-law so I was away for a bit. Will get the book as I am now watching the show and it has so many good points and interesting questions. Funny thing I watched this show when I was a kid but now it seems like a brand new one as I don’t remember any of them. Glad to see it back along with the other shows from that time as these days there’s not much worth watching on TV. I can tell they were excellent riders, Randy also seems to be a good one and so does the actor that plays Ryker. Have a nice weekend, Palma

  37. Sorry for your loss Palma. Hope you enjoy my book. It includes my personal interviews with James Drury, Roberta Shore, Gary Clarke, Randy Boone, Sara Lane, Pippa Scott, Tane McClure (one of Doug’s daughters), BarBara Luna (Doug McClure’s second wife), guest star actors Katherine Crawford, John Saxon, producer-writer-director Joel Rogosin and executive producer Frank Price – among others.

    1. Loving the book. Still on the original book part – shocking that Trampas was “bad” in the original book. Can’t even begin to imagine if that happened on the show

      1. After reading Mr Green’s book and having been an avid watcher of the series originally and recently, I was curious, so I read the original book. I recommend it. Good reading.

      2. Hi Palma: You might be surprised to learn that Trampas had a ‘shady’ background in “Ride A Dark Trail” (2:01). We learn he’s “a liar and a cheat” who makes a living at the card tables. His father Frank Trampas is murdered, which leads him to Shiloh Ranch where he becomes a reformed character. An excellent episode that is a “must-see” for Trampas fans.

  38. Wow, sounds amazing, thank you. Just got a message from Amazon that I’ll be getting it tomorrow. I believe you’ll hear from me 🙂 Thank you so much for your replies

  39. Hello Paul, a great website with a lot of infos about my favourite TV serie. I think the name Sara Lane is not her real name. Do you have any information about her real name?

    1. Hi Bernd: Sara told me her Christian birth name is Russell. She was credited with this name in her two “Billy Jack” movies in the 1970s.

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