A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 by Paul Green

James Drury – The Virginian
“I really enjoyed your book. It is comprehensive and a valuable resource for anyone interested in studying The Virginian.”

Frank Price – Executive Producer
“I am very impressed with it. You did a great job of research on The Virginian and it is certainly apparent in the book. It is a work that reflects your high standards.”

Joel Rogosin – ‘The Virginian’ producer, writer & director
“I’m pleased to have added your wonderfully detailed and nostalgic book to my shelves. Congratulations on this remarkable effort! I’m having a great time leafing through it. All in all, what a treat!”

Randy Boone – Randy Benton
“In my humble opinion the book was very interesting and very well written. I was fascinated. Thank you for writing the book.”

Sara Lane – Elizabeth Grainger
“My husband is reading the book avidly and loving it. It’s a wonderful book.”

This work accounts for the entire creative history of The Virginian, including the original inspirations and the motion picture adaptations–but the primary focus is its transformation into television and the ways in which the show changed over time.

Author interviews with and contributions from James Drury, Gary Clarke, Roberta Shore, Randy Boone, Sara Lane, Tane McClure, BarBara Luna, Frank Price, Joel Rogosin, Katherine Crawford and extensive episode guide includes title, air date, guest star(s), writers, producers, director and a brief synopsis of each of The Virginian’s 249 episodes, along with detailed cast and production credits.

ISBN: 978-0-7864-4680-3
Ebook ISBN: 978-0-7864-5799-1
57 photos, appendix, bibliography, index
300pp. softcover (7 x 10) 2010 [2006]

Available direct from publisher McFarland Co. Inc.. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all good online bookstores.

Video Footage of The Virginian Cast Reunion

Many thanks to Val for posting extensive video footage of The Virginian cast panel at the 50th Anniversary event. To view the footage click on the Comments section of “Clu Gulager at the 50th Anniversary Autry Event.’ Clu Gulager is in fine form and I’m very pleased to hear him and Don Quine giving credit to producer Frank Price.

The Virginian INSP Marathon

The all day marathon on September 22 will feature episodes 1 through 8 from the first season. This will be followed by four episodes each Saturday. At a later date The Virginian will also be broadcast daily – Monday to Friday over the next three years.

NBC Universal is providing INSP with 71 minute episodes. At present 71 minutes is the industry standard for cable television so there is an edit of four minutes footage for each episode. INSP won’t be adding any edits of their own for commercial breaks.

Thanks to Melissa Prince, manager of corporate communications at INSP for providing me with the information and graphics.