Watercolor Paintings by Doug McClure (1986)

Cheryl has kindly contributed photographs of two framed paintings by Doug McClure (Trampas) that she owns.  As you can see they match the style of other paintings by Doug on this site.  They are  signed and dated 1986.  Cheryl states, “On the back of one of the frames there is a copy of part of a leaflet, dated April 1986, that promoted the debut of his paintings at The Stewart Galleries in Palm Springs.”

Cheryl describes her time staying with the McClure family.

“Along with a mutual friend of the McClure family we toured California and the neighbouring states in October 1986.  It was my first visit to America and something of a contrast to my native Cheltenham in the heart of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire.  At the start and end of our tour we were invited to stay at the home of Doug’s brother in Pacific Palisades.  I celebrated my 26th Birthday there and Doug’s sister in law baked my Birthday cake.  They were very kind to me. 

Sadly I never got to meet Doug in person. Doug McClure gave the watercolours you see above to my friend who is also an artist.  They had a lot in common and both shared Doug’s love of tennis.  Recently my artist friend allowed me to acquire both paintings from him – I am a lucky girl!


Author: PGreen

Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. : A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006, 2009 Softcover edition) Pete Duel : A Biography (2007, 2009 Large Print edition; Kindle edition) Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009) Jennifer Jones : Life and Films (2011)

28 thoughts on “Watercolor Paintings by Doug McClure (1986)”

  1. Boy, he sure loved painting those bucking-bronco pictures, now didn’t he!!!

    When he did his show in 1989 in Laguna Beach, he only had the one I bought of a ‘bronco’, and an original of him ‘loping’ along on a horse (self-portrait) which he gave to me as part of the compensation for my doing his show. The rest of his art included landscapes that were lovely; definitely, it was all about the ‘western landscapes and scenery’ which he appears to have loved so much.

    After reading how generous he was in ‘giving away’ his art, it tells me he truly was a kind individual in many ways.

    By the way, I’ve visited the Stewart Gallery in Palm Springs – it’s not far from where one my sons live. It would be fun to see if there are any of Doug’s paintings still on display, and I’ll check that out in March when we drive down there.

    1. Yes it seems Doug had an affinity with the West in his art Diane. It would be interesting to know if he tackled any other subjects.

    2. I recently received a 1989 bucking bronco water color by Doug McClure. Could you please help me find out some information on the piece.

      1. Karen, if you are a fan of Doug’s, then you are a very lucky lady to have acquired an orginal painting by him. I would love to have one, but fear one would be way beyond my pocket. Maybe you are wondering how much it might be worth? I was looking to see if we discussed this subject here at some time, but I can’t find it. Depending on the size of the painting, I would think we are talking several thousand dollars, but no fan would ever consider selling it if they had it and I’m sure you could find a buyer among them.

  2. Thanks for the welcome back, Paul. These paintings, like the one you posted, Diane, have great action and movement in them. When he made The Land That Time Forgot, he joked about “Brontosaurus-busting”, no better man! Thanks so much, Cheryl, for sharing these with us as Diane kindly did. How nice that you got to meet Doug’s brother, Reed and his wife, did they have children? I was wondering if Doug had nieces or nephews.

    Someone posted a page to Find a Grave for a Reed A. McClure just two days before the 15th anniversary of Doug’s death last week (Feb 5th). I left some virtual flowers on Reed’s grave (As I do with Doug at this time, his birthday and Christmas) in case it is Doug’s brother. The grave is in Glendale , where Doug was born and Reed a family name, Doug’s dad was Donald Reed McClure and I found another Reed on Ancestry.com, born in 1895, whom I’m sure is an older brother of Donald. Doug’s cousin, Gladys, possibly this Reed’s daughter, may be the Gladys I found there, too, both in Kern County, California, around Bakersfield. I wonder if that’s where they came from and is there a “McClure homestead” there.

    1. Nic, you are such a kind and devoted fan to Doug. I was also remembering the anniversary of Doug’s death, and so wish he was still here to enjoy all his family and friends – fans, and those who got a chance to be part of his life.

      Doug was born the same year my husband was; I look at my husband and see a 75-year old man who has done so much in his own life; accomplished a great deal, and still gets so much out of life. Can you imagine how much more Doug would have done had he had another 30 years???

      Anyway, no one can forget an Irishman, now can they – it must be that marvelous twinkle in the eye they all seem to have.

    2. I didn’t know he painted – great work!

      My reason for this note is to ask Nic to contact me. I am researching the McClure family tree and the stories go that Doug is a third cousin.
      My lineage is:
      Andrew McClure (1748-1815) married Mary Wilson
      Thomas McClure (1770-1856) married Sarah Kirby Crawford
      John McClure (1801-1881) married Margaret Gribble Clark
      John Alexander McClure (1848-1829) married Martha Townsend
      Henry McClure (1867-1952) married America Daniel
      Vallie McClure (1899/1900-1973) married Zeb Reece

      I cannot located Donald Reed McClure – YET – and sure could use a hand.


      1. Hi Norma,
        I’m going to E-mail you with what little other information I have on Doug’s family, maybe we can piece together a family tree for your and his family. I have an old book, The McClure Family by James Alexander McClure, published in 1914. I have only been able to trace two other copies of this book besides mine, it is a scare, limited edition, but is available to read on-line if you Google “The McClure Family by James Alexander McClure, 1914”. I notice a John Alexander McClure in your list of ancesters who married a Martha Townsend. A mutual friend of Paul ,and I, Barbara Townsend will be interested to hear that, she is a big fan of Doug, has a website devoted to Trampas and was a contributor to Paul’s Virginian book. It’s just possible that her husband is a descendant of Martha and therefore Barbara could be distantly related by marriage to Doug!. I just noticed the dates for John Alexander McClure, should that be 1848 to 1929? I wonder if Vallie McClure could be an older sister of Doug’s father, Donald. Any way I’m E-Mailing you now, so we’ll chat again VERY soon!

        All the best,

        P.S. I don’t know if i mentioned this here before, Paul, but I’ll repeat it for any new visiters here, there is a petition to get Doug pothumoulsy inducted in the the Cowboy Hall of Fame at http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/DougMcClure.

        It’s getting close to 1,000 signatures, now, plus the 60 ones I got in Memphis..

      2. I was so glad to get your email! And now that I received notification from this blog, I now I know where we connected and hopefully have cleared up a few of your questions. As for the Townsend connection – there is a information about Elisha Townsend and Sarah Carline Townsend – Martha’s parents. – available online. He was quite an important man. I honestly have not been able to find the family connection for Doug to my McClure’s. There were several “off shoots” that I have not pursued as the relationship was too far distant from my lineage. Relatively little in the book you mentioned applies to my particular tree, I have sent you a document concerning the origins of the name as well as a link to what I feel is the best McClure tree (as it applies to my line) on the web. I hope it helps! Talk to you soon!

  3. Or even if he had lived another 15 years until now, Diane. I could see him reinventing himself, like Leslie Nielsen and making a big comeback, doing comedy.

    As I said in another thread, it is great to have you AND Diana Blair here, have you two ever met? You have a lot in common, art, music and of course being friends of Doug and I am delighted to make friends with you both, it brings me closer to him, as did meeting James and Carl Ann Drury.

  4. Nic, I do think I did, but my memory is a little hazy. I think I mentioned to you that I had that massive head and brain injury in 2002 and it resulted in memory loss and/or confusion at times.

    What I’m ‘seeing’ in my memory, is a shorter lady (than me, I’m 5’7″) – she’s blond; blue-eyed, very chatty and bouncy. She has a fun way of laughing, and I remember a cute way of tilting her head. A very animated person; seems to me I saw her at one of Doug’s showings, and also it seems I remember seeing her in a western outfit; singing at a small restaurant in Laguna Beach that was near the main drive (Highway #1). I do know I heard this lady sing with about 2 or 3 supporting instrumentalists at this restaurant; singing western songs, and I was pretty sure it was the same blond lady who had been at Doug’s showing.

    In my ‘hazy mind’, I remember when I met her, that I thought of us both having almost the same name.

    I’ve tried to conjur that memory up more clearly since Paul started this web-site back in September (or so) of 2009, but nothing comes clearly to me.

    Yes, I think Doug might have not only done comedy, but his aging might have yielded a very astute-looking older man, and he might have done some serious acting as well. Who knows – with his love of singing; painting and drawing, he might have expanded in these areas.

    I just wish we could have had those years (as surely he and his family did), to see him age like James Drury; Pernell Roberts, and the many others who graced those screens with their western-themed stories that we all enjoyed so much.

    Diane – kcir114112@cmaaccess.com

  5. I’m trying to get in touch with Valerie McClure, Doug’s daughter, or her mother Diane Soldani McClure. Diane was my best friend.. we were in the same sorority at UCLA and we worked at Mammoth together. We kept in touch for many years, but I lost track of her about the time Doug died. I tried Doug’s facebook page (maintained by Valerie and her half sister) but could not find a way to leave a message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. This is a reply from Valerie:

      Valerie McClureSeptember 20, 2010 at 8:46am
      Re: Your mother – Diane Soldani.
      Hi Diane, yes I recived a note from a lady named Patricia Deardorff wondering what she has been up too. Unfortuantly she did pass away in July of 1999…

      I’m guessing you’re the Patricia she speaks of in her e-mail to me, and of course Nic also confirmed her death as well.

      Sorry the news wasn’t good for you; wish it could have been a potential reunion for you both. Diane

  6. Hi, Patricia,
    I’m afraid I have to break the news to you that Valerie has indicated on her Facebook page that her Mom Diane has passed on, I’m not sure when. Valerie and Tane both have Facebook pages of their own in addition to the one for Doug, as does his widow, Diane Furnberg.

    I could mention you to Valerie if you like ,or you could try to contact her there again.
    Sorry to have to tell you bad news about your best friend.

  7. I’ve just mentioned this post on both Valerie’s and Doug’s Facebook pages, but I geuss she knows about it already, thanks to Diane (Rambow, that is!, it could get confusing around here with all the Dianes and Dianas)

  8. My thanks to all of you!! I can’t believe how much loyalty and love flows toward Doug and his daughters.. And the fact that there are so many sites devoted to keeping Doug’s memory alive. Thanks to your efforts and because I finally found her site on facebook, Valerie got back to me, telling me about her Mother’s death. I guess I knew Diane was gone… knew something profound must have happened when we lost touch.. I spent so many wonderful years with Diane beginnning with our years at UCLA and long afterward…And my family and I got to know Doug when he was here filming The Devil’s Triangle ( Satan’s Triangle?) at the harbor in Ventura in the 70’s .. Suffice to say Doug was larger than life…and my sons will never forget him. At any rate, I’m so glad to be in touch with Valerie, and it’s my hope that we’ll talk soon … I have many wonderful stories to tell her about her beautiful Mother. Thank you again.. greatly appreciate your efforts to put Valerie and I together..

  9. You are very welcome, Patricia, glad to be of help in reuniteing you with Valerie, I’m only sorry that you had to hear that your friend Diane had passed on. THere are several photos of her with Doug in my tribute to him on my Facebook page, some of which Valerie and Tane had not seen before, It is so good of Valerie to put up a page for her Dad that his many fans can meet and discuss him.

    It was interesting that you mentioned that Doug filmed Satan’s Triangle at Ventura, I was there in 1972, just 3 years earlier! We camped there when I was visiting my sister and we went up to Santa Barbara. We passed Encino, where Doug had a small ranch, just off the Ventura Freeway. Doug’s co-star, Kim Novak, lives further up the coast at Big Sur or thereabouts. I hope you will post here again or on Doug’s Facebook page and share some stories about him with us.

  10. Hi Nic.. thanks so much for the replies. The filming of Satan’s Triangle was mind blowing.. I could write a book on that one! (But don’t think I should post those stories here.)I cannot find your photos of Diane and Doug.. please do tell me how to view those.. Can you send emai attachments? that would be awesome.
    Valerie has one photo of Doug and Diane, but I’d sure like to see more.. All I have is our photos at the Theta house at UCLA.. you have to remember that people didn’t carry cameras in those days.. so formal photos might be around but what we callled snap shots are rare.
    Thanks again,
    Have you gone to you tube to watch Doug on “the game game”… Those two clips of the show probably tell more about doug’s personality than any of the virginian clips. There are a couple of very very short clips from Satan’s triangle.. but I’d sure love to see that film again.. it was truly a frightening film… classic.

  11. Hi, Patricia,
    If you go on Facebook and do a search for “Nic Fewer”, then go to my photo albums, you will find Tribute to Doug McClure. There are 2 Nick Fewers on there but only 1 Nic!

    A mutual friend of Paul and myself, Barbara Townsend, who has a website devoted to Doug and his Trampas character, sent me the photos of Valerie’s Mom and Doug, but I didn’t know Diane had passed on when I up loaded them, so I hope they didn’t upset her, but reminded her of happier times when Doug and her Mom were together.

    I have seen Doug on The Game Game, giggling with Burt Reynolds! Have you seen him singing with Johnny Cash? Valerie hadn’t seen it, as it was made two years before she was born. I think a lot Doug comes out in Trampas, but if anything, Doug was even nicer in real life! My E-Mail is acting up at the moment, so I can’t send anything, but can receive E-Mails. It’s great to able to talk to another person who knew Doug.

  12. I was named after this man’s character. His paintings are so simple, yet so perfect. It’s amazing!

  13. Hi! I’m a big fan of Actor Doug McClure. I seen Doug McClure in alot of Movies. Shenandoah is one of my favorite Movies with Doug McClure as “Sam” I seen reruns of “The Virginian” TV Series,Doug played excellent as “Trampas”,he’s my favorite one on “The Virginian” Doug McClure also, starred in TV Sitcom “Out Of This World” in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s (1987-1991) Doug played as a Mayor “Kyle X Applegate”,he was very funny in “Out Of This World”,he made me laugh alot when, I watched this “Out Of This World” Doug was a fantastic excellent Actor. Also, he was a excellent Artist, a great painter. I heard in real-life,Actor Doug McClure was a very friendly,nice person to meet and to get to know. I love Doug McClure’s smile!! He had a charming bright smile! Doug McClure is my most favorite Actor,I Love Him very much!!!! Doug McClure’s big fan,Betty Stamper

    1. As a kid Doug McClure was my favorite actor on The Virginian Betty. He was good at comedy and serious roles and his episodes were always interesting. It was sad that he died so young as he was a central reason The Virginian was such a success. And he was the perfect screen partner for James Drury. They worked well together.

    2. Hi, Betty, Good to see you here too! Doug starred in other series,too,Overland Trail, 1960, Checkmate, 1960-62, Search,1972 and Barbary Coast, 1975, as well as some 50 movies for both big and small screen and numerous guest star appearances. Both fellow actors and fans alike agree he was one of the nicest stars in the business.

  14. I have a water color painting that is signed Mclure and was curious if it is an original? I did purchase it from an auction few years back and was curious if someone could help authenticate it? Please and thank you!

    1. You need to post a photo of the painting here (or a link to it) so I can check it Suzi. Doug had a distinctive style that’s easy to spot.

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