Doug McClure (1935-1995)

I’ve come across two searches on my weblog in the last few days asking “Is Doug McClure still alive?”  Sad to say the answer is no. He passed away February 5, 1995 from lung cancer, three months short of his 60th birthday.

I still find it amazing how many people aren’t aware Doug is no longer with us.  I would have loved to have interviewed him for my book of course and his presence is missed at all Virginian reunion events.  James Drury and Doug McClure were both vital to the success of The Virginian. All other cast members came and went.  They both remained on the show from first season to last.

Had Doug lived he would be approaching his 75th birthday May 11th.

Author: PGreen

Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. : A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006, 2009 Softcover edition) Pete Duel : A Biography (2007, 2009 Large Print edition; Kindle edition) Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009) Jennifer Jones : Life and Films (2011)

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  1. Doug McClure as Trampas was a wonderful part of the Virginian – I named a toy dog I had as a child after Trampas. Remember being very sad to hear the new when Doug passed away, he was still quite young. Lovely photo of him you’ve got here!

    1. Yes he was my favorite actor on the show Jan. Doug brought a sense of joy to The Virginian. I can still remember where I was when I heard the news of his death. Watching the midday news at my home on Ripponden Road in Oldham. Even though he hadn’t been a regular on British TV since the 1970s his death was still reported on the ITV news. Sometimes I think he was more popular in the UK than in America where he seems to have become a target of fun for comedians. He was a talented actor in his prime and deserves more respect.

  2. I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Mr. McClure many years ago at the Actors and Others for Animals charity event. He was so nice to talk to and I still treaure the photo taken of us.

  3. Christine, you are very lucky to have met Doug, his many fans would have loved to have met him, too. One thing I always admired about Doug was his charity work and the way he didn’t use it, as some stars do, for a photo opportunity “Look at me, I do charity work” He worked away helping people, his efforts unknown to a lot of people. When he lived in Monterey, he helped kids get off drink and drugs by being a kind of father figure to them, he took part in many Pro-Celebrity sporting events, tennis, which he played to almost professional standards, sking, golf, and rodeos with his friend Jim Drury. He helped his friend and twice screen wife, Connie Stevens with her Cowboys for Indians charity, his agent Steve Stevens Sr’s Cowboys for Kids charity, he took part in Jerry Lewis’ Telethons, he gave so much to people less well off in his sadly short life. A great loss to a lot of people, not just his many, many fans worldwide.

  4. I looked at the charity website and see it was started by Richard Basehart in 1971, the same year Doug made two movies with him, I wonder was Doug one of his first recruits? A lot of pets got named after Doug or Trampas, Jim Drury has a cat named Trampas, as has my friend, Helen (That Trampas, as a tiny kitten, met Jim and Carl Ann Drury in Claremorris, there are as many photos of him with them on the Virginian groups as there are of us fans!). I named my new cat Jed, after Doug’s character, Jed Sills in Checkmate. There is a photo of a dog on Valerie McClure’s Facebook page and I thought it might be a Golden Retreiver. I had one called Jenny and Doug had one called Bobo. I asked Valerie if it was a Golden, she replied, it was an Anatolian Shephard and that Bobo was her dog when she was little.

  5. It IS surprising how many people still don’t know that Doug passed away 15 years ago, the lady on Myspace who mistook me for Doug because my avatar is a photo of him, for instance.

    In the line of fans waiting to met James Drury in Claremorris, I spent some of the time answering their questions as to which of the cast members of The Virginian were still alive, and Doug was one that many were saddened to hear had died.

    The People Yearbook 1976 that I got in Texas gave Doug almost a half page for his obit, whereas others such as Sir Robert Stephens, David Wayne,Donald Pleasence and Harry Guardino only get a brief mention in a column down the side of the page and no photo.

    1. Interesting to hear about the People Yearbook Nicholas. Although I am puzzled that the actors you mentioned got only a brief mention.
      You don’t get knighted for being an obscure actor (Sir Robert Stephens), David Wayne and Donald Pleasance were both outstanding character actors with distinguished careers. Harry Guardino was also a fine actor.
      I think the people who put together these obituaries often have little idea of film history otherwise they wouldn’t reduce a distinguished actor’s life to a few lines.

  6. I have a Question. What was Actor Doug McClure was like in real-life,what kind of person was Doug McClure was like in real-life?The reason why, I’m asking is because, I don’t know much of what kind of person he was like in real-life. Was he friendly nice to meet and to get to know? I want to know about Actor Doug McClure because,he’s one of my favorite Cowboy Actors.I know little bet of Actor Doug McClure but,not alot. I find Actor Doug McClure very interesting and he was a very Attractive Man to me,he was a very Handsome Man! Did any of you fans on here met Actor Doug McClure in person and got his autograph?

  7. I wish someone would write a book on Actor Doug McClure about his life,especially someone that knew Doug McClure very well that was a very close friend to Doug or someone in his family,maybe his brother,sister or one of his Daughters Tane or Valerie can write a book,Biography on Actor Doug McClure about his life,how he became an Actor and what kind of person Doug was like in real-life. I’am very interested in knowing about Actor Doug McClure.I’m a big fan of Actor Doug McClure. Doug was a excellent Actor! There will never be another Doug McClure. I love him!!!

  8. Actor Doug McClure Starred in the TV Sitcom called “Out Of This World” 1987-1991 as the Mayor Kyle X Applegate. Doug McClure was very funny as Mayor Kyle Applegate,he made me laugh alot when,I was watching “Out Of This World”. I like this TV Sitcom with Actor Doug McClure, I wish it was on DVD. I’m surprise it’s not on DVD because,it was a very popular TV Sitcom back in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s.

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    1. You can improve your online listings by going to the Tools menu if you have a WordPress blog and clicking on Webmaster Tools Verification. As for Yahoo News I have no idea but it’s probably related to number of hits and rankings. But that’s just a guess. I never consciously tried to get listed there.

  10. Doug Came To Mobile In The
    Late 50s-Early ’60s To Do A
    Jerry Lewis Telethon Benefit .

    Doug Friended Me …. Great Guy .

    Do You Have Some Expanded
    Info On Doug’s Mobile Ala Visit

    Thanx Much

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