“TV Confidential” – Interview with author Paul Green on “The Virginian”

From host Ed Robertson:  “The Virginian, a show that still has a very strong following today, particularly among female viewers. The third-longest running Western on television (nine seasons, second only to Gunsmoke and Bonanza), The Virginian was also the first 90-minute Western series produced for network television. My book A History of Television’s The Virginian: 1962-1971 not only features interviews with many of the actors and behind-the-scenes personnel of The Virginian, but shows how the series helped paved the way for the made-for-TV movie, while also playing an important role in the career of Roy Huggins.”

This show aired Oct. 16-22.

TV Confidential : Pete Duel and Alias Smith and Jones

For those interested in listening to my recent interview (January 25) with Ed Robertson and Frankie Montiforte on TV Confidential here is the link: http://tvconfidential.net/archives.htm  The conversation about Alias Smith and Jones and Pete Duel begins about 15 minutes into the second hour of the January 25 show.