Troy McClure

troy_cowIn the 1990s washed-up “B” movie actor Troy McClure featured on The Simpsons.  Voiced by Phil Hartman the character quickly became one of the most popular secondary characters on the show.

Based on Troy Donahue and Doug McClure combined with physical characteristics of Phil Hartman the often desperate Troy McClure would accept any acting job to keep his career alive.  A typical introduction would include a list of his screen credits.

“Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such classics as Invasion of the Giant Lobsters or Mice-Men From Mars.”

Doug McClure expressed his liking for the character.  Troy McClure’s often mocking persona served as a reminder of the fickle and artificial nature of celebrity.  The creators retired the character in 1998 following the tragic murder of Phil Hartman at the hands of his wife.