Doug McClure Original Art For Sale

Allen D. Hiott recently contacted me with the following information:

Dougart1Doug McClure singed an original water color of himself on horseback with the Mesa Verde Mountains in the background and gave to my dad Ben Young who was friends with Doug. My dad did some construction work on Doug’s home in California back in 1991 which is the date he signed and gave to my dad on the back of the painting. My dad was also a small time actor back then and he became friends with Doug and his wife Diane. I can only assume that this water color was a gift between friends at that time. The front of the painting also has his signature dated 1988. I would love for someone that is a collector in the western art world to possibly buy it. dougartback

My dad passed away in 2010 and I required the painting at that point in time.

If anyone is interested in purchasing this original art from Allen please e-mail him at

Doug McClure Artwork Prints For Sale

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Diana Blair is offering for sale prints of individual art sketches by Doug McClure from 1985 at $25.00 each.  The size of the prints are 8.5 x 11.5 on 90 lb paper.  Shipping is $6.00 within the USA.  The strip of paper on the scan isn’t part of the original artwork but has been placed there for copyright purposes.

In response to questions I’ve received I am not personally involved in the production or selling of these prints so please contact Diana direct at :  for further information. 

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Watercolor Paintings by Doug McClure (1986)

Cheryl has kindly contributed photographs of two framed paintings by Doug McClure (Trampas) that she owns.  As you can see they match the style of other paintings by Doug on this site.  They are  signed and dated 1986.  Cheryl states, “On the back of one of the frames there is a copy of part of a leaflet, dated April 1986, that promoted the debut of his paintings at The Stewart Galleries in Palm Springs.”

Cheryl describes her time staying with the McClure family.

“Along with a mutual friend of the McClure family we toured California and the neighbouring states in October 1986.  It was my first visit to America and something of a contrast to my native Cheltenham in the heart of the Cotswolds in Gloucestershire.  At the start and end of our tour we were invited to stay at the home of Doug’s brother in Pacific Palisades.  I celebrated my 26th Birthday there and Doug’s sister in law baked my Birthday cake.  They were very kind to me. 

Sadly I never got to meet Doug in person. Doug McClure gave the watercolours you see above to my friend who is also an artist.  They had a lot in common and both shared Doug’s love of tennis.  Recently my artist friend allowed me to acquire both paintings from him – I am a lucky girl!


Doug McClure Artwork


The painting isn’t in sharp distinct lines; Doug used pastel colors, and it’s behind a thick glass. I’ll let it stand ‘as is’, because I don’t want to break the seal on the framing, nor disturb the note Doug wrote to me on the back of the heavy brown paper that covers the back of the picture.

It appears Doug used a vellum heavy-weight paper; he seems to barely touch the paper with the brush – it’s as if he just ‘whisked’ it quickly; didn’t stop to try and add more, and knew when to quit (just my opinion). To me, it’s all in the motion; the way he’s captured how my horse would ‘dance’ as it does in the painting, and I remember being on her back and feeling just how I think the man on the horse feels in this painting. I do know Doug was pleased when I picked it; I shared the story of my times with my horse and I think that’s why we had such a great ‘first meeting’ – our common love of the horse and what it’s like to have one at your side; one that follows your every move, and understands you better than any human could. – Diane Rambow Stevens

This is my favorite artwork by Doug. The motion and energy of the horse defines the painting. Doug’s love and understanding of horses translates into his artwork. – Paul Green