James Drury Endorses “A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971”

Virginian Softback edition“Here’s a comprehensive book with interviews of most of the cast and tons of information, a complete episode guide. I highly recommend it, Mr. Drury endorsed it and many many fans rave about it. It comes in Kindle also” – Karen Lindsey (personal assistant to James Drury)

Author: PGreen

Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. : A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006, 2009 Softcover edition) Pete Duel : A Biography (2007, 2009 Large Print edition; Kindle edition) Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009) Jennifer Jones : Life and Films (2011)

6 thoughts on “James Drury Endorses “A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971””

  1. I bought a copy of this book at the Memphis Film Festival 2012. This was the year of the 50th anniversary celebration for the show. I got to meet the cast and have lunch with them. This was my second time seeing James Drury at an event. He is a childhood hero I haven’t yet out grown nor plan to. Thanks for a great reference guide to a classic television series worth watching over and over again.

  2. I have finished reading this excellent book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a bit of a Virginian fanatic (yes I have the calendar, the ring tone and the iPhone cover) it was a fantastic insight into the making of the show and had some great information about the actors. I particularly appreciated how much information Frank Price gave you. It’s also going to be a great episode reference as I work through all the seasons. Well done Paul and thank you from an Aussie fan.

    1. Thanks Trish. Yes Frank Price has been a major help on three of my books. Glad you enjoyed it.

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