“TV Confidential” – Interview with author Paul Green on “The Virginian”

From host Ed Robertson:  “The Virginian, a show that still has a very strong following today, particularly among female viewers. The third-longest running Western on television (nine seasons, second only to Gunsmoke and Bonanza), The Virginian was also the first 90-minute Western series produced for network television. My book A History of Television’s The Virginian: 1962-1971 not only features interviews with many of the actors and behind-the-scenes personnel of The Virginian, but shows how the series helped paved the way for the made-for-TV movie, while also playing an important role in the career of Roy Huggins.”

This show aired Oct. 16-22.

4 thoughts on ““TV Confidential” – Interview with author Paul Green on “The Virginian””

  1. Mr.Green,I recently watched the 5th season episode of “The Virginian” titled “Ride To Delphi”. I was ASTONISHED to see a white actor play a black man. I wondered why a black actor wasn’t hired. In the episode the “black man” has two sons,both of whom ARE black. I welcome your thoughts.
    Randy Erdman

    1. The father in this episode was played by African-American actor Bernie Hamilton. What made you think he was a white actor Randy?

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