The Virginian INSP Marathon

The all day marathon on September 22 will feature episodes 1 through 8 from the first season. This will be followed by four episodes each Saturday. At a later date The Virginian will also be broadcast daily – Monday to Friday over the next three years.

NBC Universal is providing INSP with 71 minute episodes. At present 71 minutes is the industry standard for cable television so there is an edit of four minutes footage for each episode. INSP won’t be adding any edits of their own for commercial breaks.

Thanks to Melissa Prince, manager of corporate communications at INSP for providing me with the information and graphics.


5 thoughts on “The Virginian INSP Marathon”

  1. I agree the first episode wasn’t my first choice. The second episode should have been the first one The Woman From White Wing. That one really is one of my favorites. I’m now beginning the 7th season and can’t wait for the 8th. My wish is that NBCuniversal would create a new series based on The Virginian. Just a thought.

  2. I don’t care for the westerns produced today William and feel the art of making a series such as “The Virginian” has been lost. The optimism, camaraderie, brightly lit scenes with saturated color, humor and general feel good atmosphere of “The Virginian” can’t be duplicated today. There’s too much cynicism and violence in today’s westerns.

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