6 thoughts on “Sara Lane Gallery # 2”

  1. This lovely,hard working actress became more professional and polished with each episode that I recall.Now,I see her again and it confirms my earlier opinion.
    I am not a “nebnose”but it would be nice to know whether she is in theater,.Europe
    or elsewhere.
    Such a captivating actress. G.

    1. Hello Doris: I interviewed Sara for my book a few years ago when she was managing a winery in California with her husband. That has since gone out of business. I also interviewed her by phone for my Pete Duel biography where she talks about her two Virginian episodes with Duel. As to what she looks like now, there was a small photo of her on the winery website but that page no longer exists. She had added a few pounds (like most of us) through the years but looked good and most importantly when I talked to her still had that happy personality. She was a friendly woman to interview. Very much like her screen persona.

  2. My name is Nannette ( Lane) King I was told when I was small that she was my cousin I don’t know if it is true are not I hope it is I watched her on the Virginians I was so proud of her and still am I hope she as a great long live a head of her well just had to tell you that thanks for reading this yours truly Nannette ( Lane) King

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