Doug McClure Artwork Prints For Sale

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Diana Blair is offering for sale prints of individual art sketches by Doug McClure from 1985 at $25.00 each.  The size of the prints are 8.5 x 11.5 on 90 lb paper.  Shipping is $6.00 within the USA.  The strip of paper on the scan isn’t part of the original artwork but has been placed there for copyright purposes.

In response to questions I’ve received I am not personally involved in the production or selling of these prints so please contact Diana direct at :  for further information. 

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3 thoughts on “Doug McClure Artwork Prints For Sale”

  1. I have an original watercolor by Doug McClure signed in 1988. I acquired this painting when my dad passed away in July of 2010. Doug and my dad became friends after doing some work on his home in California back in 1991. Doug actually singed the back of the framed painting to my dad. I recently had the painting verified of it’s original work at a local art gallery in South Carolina. I am actually interested in selling this artwork to a collector. If anyone out there in the internet world could steer me in the right direction towards a contact it would be appreciated.
    I can send pictures to anyone interested.

    Thanks for any help in this matter.

    Allen Hiott

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