The Good-Hearted Badman (6:20) with Peter Deuel

This episode, first broadcast 7 February 1968, is continued from my Pete Duel Blog.  Peter Deuel played outlaw Jim Dewey.  The dime novel featured in this episode would later appear on The Men From Shiloh where Trampas can be seen reading it while traveling by train.

2 thoughts on “The Good-Hearted Badman (6:20) with Peter Deuel”

  1. This episode also marked the return of Stacey (Don Quine) after an absence of about 3 months (10 eps). For some reason he’d been off the show since ‘A Bad Place to Die’ in early November and then finally made an appearance late in this episode. He then appeared more regularly for the remainder of the season.

  2. Yes that’s interesting Bob. Most likely a contract dispute similar to Clu Gulager’s absence for a long period. But that’s only speculation.

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