Book Reviews by The Virginian Cast and Producers

“I really enjoyed your book. It is comprehensive and a valuable resource for anyone interested in studying The Virginian.” – James Drury [The Virginian]

“The book was very interesting and very well written. I was fascinated.” – Randy Boone [Randy Benton]

“My husband is reading the book avidly and loving it. It’s a wonderful book.” – Sara Lane [Elizabeth Grainger]

“I am very impressed with it. You did a great job of research on The Virginian and it is certainly apparent in the book. It is a work that reflects your high standards.” – Frank Price [Executive Producer on The Virginian]

“Wonderfully detailed and nostalgic book…congratulations on this remarkable effort!”—Joel Rogosin [Producer, Writer, Director on The Virginian]

2 thoughts on “Book Reviews by The Virginian Cast and Producers”

  1. I will definitely find this book to read.The Virginian was one of the best westerns that played during it’s time.My girlfriends and i had adopted each guy as a boyfriend.They were some of the best looking, talented actors on television.It was ninety minutes of pure heaven.A great show!!I was so sad to read that Doug Mcclure(Trampus) had passed.He was so handsome and personable.

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