Search (1972) starring Doug McClure

Following the cancellation of The Virginian Doug McClure and James Drury both failed to find another hit show.  Doug McClure starred as C.R. Grover in Search aka Probe.  The rotating star format favored by Universal at the time was frustrating for Doug McClure fans as he only starred in seven episodes.  The show failed to find an audience and was cancelled in 1973 after one season.

4 thoughts on “Search (1972) starring Doug McClure”

  1. But…..the likes of Burgess Meredith and the films he starred in, you simply can’t find his equal.

    Sadly, Doug was competing with many appealing ‘cowboys’ – you’ll never beat the acting of the ‘blond-haired’ Kurt Russell – more dynamic than Doug ever could be; we moved from the ‘friendly, smiling cow-poke’, to the strong and fearless cowboy that depicted the REAL wild-west; Kurt did just that.

  2. You’ve really started something now Diane! 🙂 Doug worked with Kurt Russell on “The Virginian” when Kurt was just a child. I think Doug was quite dynamic at times and a top athlete. Many applauded his horse riding skills. At his peak Doug McClure was a match for any “cowboy” – including Kurt Russell. But Kurt did improve with age.

  3. I liked Search because Doug got to drive a lot of different cars in it and because of the exotic locations, although in reality it was the Warner Brother’s backlot!

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