Clu Gulager Film Festival 2008

Here’s a video of Clu Gulager talking at the Clu Gulager Film Festival, New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles, August 29, 2008.  The poster for the event proves that Clu likes to push the envelope even in old age.


The festival was held over four days with viewings of Return of the Living Dead, Feast and earlier classic work in The Killers and The Last Picture Show.  Emmett Ryker is mentioned very briefly in passing as Clu is re-introduced for The Killers panel later in the clip.  So keep watching.

YouTube has extensive video coverage of the event.  Some of Clu’s humor is adult in theme including his outrageous entrance on the first night. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Clu Gulager Film Festival 2008”

  1. Great scene Diane. Everyone looked so young! I love the camaradarie in the Shiloh bunkhouse. One of the strengths of “The Virginian.”

  2. Diane, you might have noticed the TG4 logo in the corner, this off the Irish language channel that has been showing The Virginian for the past 3 years (IN English, I hasten to add!)

  3. There’s an interview with Clu on the DVD box set of ‘The Killers’.

    The box set includes both the newer version and the original Edmond O’Brien version of the movie.

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