12 thoughts on “Doug McClure Stuntmen Awards”

  1. It was interesting to watch, but sad as well. The empty room; the ‘echo’ as they spoke – the die-hard fans, and it appeared to be held at some banquet room of a restaurant that was entirely unlike what Doug normally was seen in; he was always in the middle of the hustle and bustle, and this scene reminds me of one of those rented rooms one picked, in some small town, that wants to add the fact that ‘Doug was here’ to their list of celebrities, and will be written about in the local newspaper (in great detail, but with a dim spot-light that’s wearing a spider web or two, because they dug it out for this rare occasion).

  2. I agree Diane. Doug looks kind of lost. Like a guest at a wedding where you were only invited because you’re a friend of a friend.

  3. Is that not Chuck Courtney standing next to Doug with his son, to whom Doug says “Don’t yawn”? His son replies on his behalf . We don’t hear from whom the message being read out is from, but Nancy Barr explains in her notes it was from Robert Conrad, another friend of Doug’s.
    All of this footage put up by Nancy is interesting even the one from The Golden Boots Awards where you cannot hear what Doug is saying,only those next to Nancy, who, I understand is confined to a wheelchair, which explains the zooming over to people rather than going up to them. With Doug gone, any footage of him is good to see.

  4. I’ve looked at this again, Paul, several times, and I didn’t hear any mention of Chuck being unable to attend. Whereas there is every indication that the guy with Doug and Chuck’s son, Linc, IS Chuck. Doug looks at him when he says “We are here to honor you” and “You can’t look”! and “Stop yawning”, Linc looks at the guy when he says “We are proud of you” and embraces him afterwards. I assume the lady Doug calls Gerri? “Keeps Linc and Bob Fuller in line”, is Chuck’s wife. Doug addresses someone (Bob Hoy?) and says “Chuck doubled Phyllis Diller and you doubled Luna (Barbara) , I married her , you doubled her, I MARRIED her” Doug says “Diane” in the close-up shot with Chuck?? and Linc, I guess it wasn’t you, Diane,but his wife.

  5. Goodness, Nic you’ve got a keen ear; eye and your admiration for all of these people just is so evident in your commentary – I admire you for that!

    I guess I reacted so differently because this isn’t how Doug was normally or any of these t.v. stars, were usually seen. There was always a larger and more formal setting; usually with a decorated stage – linens on the tables, and musicians for the entertainment.

    This seemed so stark; yet, I do know Doug wasn’t (personally) an individual who would have ever said ‘no’, to even visiting a small nursery school or elementary classroom if someone wanted to see ‘Trampas’. I realize this is not really about Doug, but about Chuck, and it’s quite possible more of the attendees were friends and family of Chuck, and Chuck wasn’t quite as much of the Hollywood ‘in crowd’, as Doug was.

    I know – I’m being ‘picky’, but it was just a let-down when I saw it the first time, because I was used to the atmosphere that was always kind of the way awards and celebrity gatherings were put together. I guess I spent too many years playing piano for events that were always expensive; even a bit snobby, because I did play for private clubs and in the homes of some influential people (not actors or artists), and it gets to be a habit and an expectation, to find yourself surrounded by beautifully dressed men and women – flowers; candles – expensive table-ware and carpeted floors that I’d find troubling to walk on in my high-heels because it was such thick carpeting.

    I also see you can’t watch it on Paul’s site now; I tried to watch it again, and it says embedding has been disabled and I have to watch it on You-Tube. That’s a new one to me; guess You-Tube is trying to get people to their site and apparently allows the embedded video to be played a given number of times before you have to go to their site in order to see it again.

    Oh, we capitalist Americans – we are always changing the rules and the scenery to make a dime and dollar; I imagine You-Tube is suffering from the http://www.hulu.com where you can watch full-length movies and television shows, and there are a few more who’re getting into this market, so one day we might end up having to pay a monthly fee to access these sites.

    I look forward to getting an e-mail from you, Nic – we have certainly enjoyed the hospitality of Paul, but I’m sure he doesn’t mind having us for company and even ‘off topic’, Paul can get into the conversation too…….


  6. Okay, I read a little more on this and this was the first dinner and first time an award had been given out to a stuntman.

    Also, the video was created by a friend of Chuck’s and uploaded by him – You-Tube has only one comment on it and it’s had 166 views, so that means a very targeted audience and limited audience.

    I haven’t since heard of an on-going annual award for being a stunt person; I’ll definitely see what I can find on Google – definitely, not being a movie buff I’m not a bit qualified to say I know anything about awards except those that are televised.

  7. Okay, not much about Stuntman Awards as an on-going annual event of any consequence because they’re not included in the Academy awards as part of that event (that’s a bit sad).

    However, there is a great web-site with Chuck’s credits and photos here:


    Chuck died January 19, 2000.

    Ah, I am truly realizing how old I am when all my favorite actors and actresses are leaving this world and I’m still hanging around………….

  8. I’ve decided to delete the video from my blog. If a video isn’t embedded it usually means the owner doesn’t grant permission for it to be shown outside of YouTube. So to avoid any possible hassle it’s best not to provide a link.

  9. I’m sick with the flu, so not doing too much. I ran across this Irish web-site that I thought Nic might like to check out. Also the photography is interesting – probably Paul would like it too.


    Paul, my check should reach you probably by the end of the week; looking forward to reading your book on Pete Deuel. Diane

  10. Get better soon Diane. The Irish site is interesting. Thanks for the link.

    I’ll tell you when I receive your check and get my book in the mail to you asap.

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