Doug McClure Artwork


The painting isn’t in sharp distinct lines; Doug used pastel colors, and it’s behind a thick glass. I’ll let it stand ‘as is’, because I don’t want to break the seal on the framing, nor disturb the note Doug wrote to me on the back of the heavy brown paper that covers the back of the picture.

It appears Doug used a vellum heavy-weight paper; he seems to barely touch the paper with the brush – it’s as if he just ‘whisked’ it quickly; didn’t stop to try and add more, and knew when to quit (just my opinion). To me, it’s all in the motion; the way he’s captured how my horse would ‘dance’ as it does in the painting, and I remember being on her back and feeling just how I think the man on the horse feels in this painting. I do know Doug was pleased when I picked it; I shared the story of my times with my horse and I think that’s why we had such a great ‘first meeting’ – our common love of the horse and what it’s like to have one at your side; one that follows your every move, and understands you better than any human could. – Diane Rambow Stevens

This is my favorite artwork by Doug. The motion and energy of the horse defines the painting. Doug’s love and understanding of horses translates into his artwork. – Paul Green

Author: PGreen

Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. : A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006, 2009 Softcover edition) Pete Duel : A Biography (2007, 2009 Large Print edition; Kindle edition) Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009) Jennifer Jones : Life and Films (2011)

17 thoughts on “Doug McClure Artwork”

  1. Hi – we had a great trip; waiting for my son and his wife to come home from work, so fired up the lap-top. I’m able to check your posts because I have you on rss feed; so handy, and how nice the picture looks on your web-site.

    I have some lithographs by Johnny Morgan (he was born in Seattle, WA – met him in 1981) – you might check his art out on the web – see what you think.

    I also was able to find art by Robert Courjon – since I have a very large watercolor original done by him, I (again) had to thank the I-net for being able to learn more about him (he was born in 1911; a brilliant artist – probably my favorite as it pertains to watercolors). I figured since both you and Nic are artists, you’d enjoy checking them out as well.

    Maybe if Nic isn’t familiar with R. C. Gorman, he’d like to look at his art-work; as a navajo indian – a prolific artist, who died back in 2005, his work is very popular in our part of the country since we live in the south-west and near so many indian reservations where he’s highly regarded. I feel very fortunate to have only one of his originals, but it is one of the better ones (fortunately, there were a limited number of lithographs made from the original).

    I think it’s great that you’ve combined your art with your writing – it’s a joy to visit your site, and I’m hoping to see much more of your art on both of your blogs.

    I’m glad you joined Facebook; I think it might generate some interest in your works – do be sure to put up more of your art there, so others can enjoy it.

    I must say I feel very fortunate to have found your web-sites; I so enjoy Nic’s comments, and it feels wonderful to have someone who enjoys art and literature the way I do.

    As to the painting, I always loved the way the lariat is painted; it almost disappears in some areas (the definition and lines); it is do full of life just as Doug was. Regards, Diane

  2. Just a note; I see the posting time reads something like 12:27 a.m. – October 2 – interesting, it’s ony 5:27 p.m., October 1 in my time-zone. /ds

  3. Links I think you and Nic might like: – on this link, at the bottom it reads:

    My appreciation to Mary Spooner of the Celebrity Hosting Network for her Doug McClure Page (no longer available) where this all began; Lynda Wright for signing that guest book and helping me compile quotations; and Jack Stalnaker of the Meeker Museum of Movie Stars for his technical advice and encouragement in committing to this project. I have been blessed by your friendship and touch on my life.

    I would also like to thank Robert Rigdon, Mark Harrison, Andrea Lopez, Bob McCrea, Nancy Durgin, and T.J. Strahan for their help in supplying me with video tapes of THE VIRGINIAN, and Mr. Milton T. Moore, Jr., various eBay merchants, and The Movie Market for their great selection of photos from this series.

    This web-site is composed of copyrighted text from episodes of THE VIRGINIAN (© 1962 -1970 Revue Productions, Universal TV, and Universal City Studios, Inc.) and photographs from my Doug McClure collection with copyrights belonging to Universal Studios and respective photographers. This material is used solely for entertainment purposes and the enjoyment of fans of Trampas and THE VIRGINIAN. I gratefully acknowledge the creative talents and efforts of the many writers and photographers of this series and have no intent to infringe upon the copyrights of those individuals nor the studios mentioned above.
    canvass of a cowboy compilation ©1998-2008 Barbara J. Townsend

    Note from me: I’m not sure why she spelled canvas that way……….. It’s a very interesting site and a nice tribute to Doug.

  4. Thanks Diane. I interviewed Tane McClure for my Virginian book. Barbara Townsend is a long-time friend from Texas who was a big help with my book and is a great lady.

  5. Hi, Diane,
    That painting is so full of action and movement, it’s a wonderful image, Doug seems to have excelled in several different mediums, watercolour,oil,etc. As soon as I get them downloaded and sorted, I must send you and Paul photos of John Hoover’s paintings, I know that one of an Indian , which I saw myself in John’s studio in Houston, was on the Internet some time ago,I’ll check and see if it’s still there and send the link.
    Barbara has become a good friend of mine, too,in fact she and Paul are my oldest “Virginian/Doug” friends, before I joined The Virginian Authorised Group I E-Mailed them both from The Virginian episode guide on Des Martin’s Classic TV Archive, because Barbara was a big fan of Dougs’s and to tell Paul how much I enjoyed his Virginian book. When I first came across Barbara’s “Trampas Gallery”, I thought it was a website showing his paintings !! It’s a great pity Mary Spooner’s website for Doug is no longer up, I downloaded some of it,luckily. It included some nice tributes from fans and covered his whole career, not just his role of Trampas.

  6. Nic, I’m looking forward to those links you might find, and any of those down-loads you can share, would be wonderful.

    You surely are a devoted fan; somewhere Doug is smiling about that, I’m sure.

  7. Note: On that link above, be sure you click to the actual web-site, because there is more than one Doug McClure who is ‘famous’ – you want to pick ‘our Doug’………..

  8. I have an original (I think) watercolor from Doug. How would I be able to identify the painting as an original, and if it actually is an original, how is it possible to get it appraised?


    Jeff Hayes

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