Doug McClure : Laguna Beach 1989

DIANE_AND_DOUGDiane Rambow Stevens meeting Doug McClure August, 1989 – Laguna Beach CA. 

“I’d done some other promotions for other artists during the art festival they had each year, but Doug wanted a 3-day ‘exclusive’ showing set up after the festival had pretty much congested the town with cars and people; he didn’t want that much ‘traffic’, and said he wanted to be able to meet each and every potential buyer.”

Many thanks to Diane for the photograph.

Author: PGreen

Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. : A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006, 2009 Softcover edition) Pete Duel : A Biography (2007, 2009 Large Print edition; Kindle edition) Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009) Jennifer Jones : Life and Films (2011)

10 thoughts on “Doug McClure : Laguna Beach 1989”

  1. Doug was certainly a warm and congenial person. Last night I was watching Ron White, the comedian and noticed Ron has the same big grin; larger teeth – the tanned complexion, and blond hair that Doug McClure had (although Ron is much heavier than Doug ever was).

    In any case, it made me think of Doug’s laugh; his big grin and his beautiful white teeth and sun-bleached hair as well…………….

    The funny thing is the photographer had us set up that ‘meet and greet’ about 3 hours after I’d already met Doug and his wife and other friends who joined him that entire day and evening. You know how the newspapers are – they want a ‘candid photo that’s totally planned’ (smile). Diane

  2. Reminds me of Reality TV Diane. :)) Most scenes are staged or edited for effect.

    Good to hear Doug was a warm person. Maybe the knowledge of all those sales of his artwork warmed his heart even further. LOL

  3. Yes, I’m guessing since sales were so good, it did help make his smile just a bit bigger.

    The next time you see Ron White, see if you don’t think he looks like he could be related to Doug; I never really noticed it until night before last; that same wide grin – that ‘teasing’ quality that Doug had – a ‘twinkle in the eye’.

    Guess I have to wonder if they both have some of the Irish in them – I know I do; didn’t get my green eyes for ‘nothing’ – my great grandfather on my grandmother’s side, was from Ireland.

    I think I’ll check out Ron White’s biography on Wikipedia – it’s got me curious now. Diane

  4. PS: You can’t see my green eyes in the photograph; nor the fact that the dress I wore is a soft moss-green silk one that I always loved – Doug’s blue eyes were as always, bright and full of life…………. a strong hand-shake too ……….

  5. ‘Tis the Irish in ya, shure enough, Diane.
    Did Doug ever talk of his Irish heritage, shared with his Virginian co-star and friend, James Drury? I sent him a a photo copy of part of an old book, The McClure Family, detailing the history of the McClures in America, the part I sent was about the McClures in Ireland. I often wondered if he traced back his roots to his Irish ancesters, how far they went and ifhe might have had an Irish grandfather like James Drury.

    It shows just how friendly Doug was that he wanted to meet the buyers of his paintings. Thanks again, Diane for these great memories of Doug that you have kindly shared with us.

  6. The interesting thing was Doug kept saying to each person, “Hey, now don’t feel ya gotta buy that thing” – or, “Do ya really like it that well?” He seemed to marvel that anyone wanted to really buy it because they LOVED IT!

    I’ve just sent Paul another photograph of another painting I have of Doug’s – I can’t get it perfectly; the darned thing is so big, and I can’t manage taking it off the wall without help (and I always worry about breaking the glass). I’m sure Paul will share it with all of you once he gets the time.

    If you want me to send one direct, just write me at: and I’ll pop it over to you!

    My green eyes – yes, I’m certain because I had red-brown (auburn hair) most of my life (still pretty much got a red color to the dark brown), and as a kid, tons of freckles (most of those went away from my face, but still are on my forearms).

    I think it would be fun to know about the McClure’s in Ireland; my grandfather raised nothing but Hereford beef – claimed they were the best, because they were ‘Irish’.

    My grandfather was the 10th largest beef breeder in the USA back in the 1930’s; he worked with Ezra Taft Benson on many agricultural programs; a staunch Republican up until JFK ran for office, then he switched.

    I have the family history on my mom’s side – it was her dad that raised the beef and breed them as well. That side of our family came to the USA in 1631; I’ve got the entire listing, and ‘lo and behold, you can find it on the I-net. Just type in Van Vranken and then Captain Curry – he did the lineage for the family, and someone has posted it so you can find it through Google.

    My dad’s side came here in the 1700’s; from Rambow, German – in fact, that’s our name. There are 3 towns of Rambow in Eastern, Germany; I don’t know exactly which one my family came from, but close to Mecklenberg (sp???).

    My dad’s mother’s father was Irish; Ezra Burley was his name – maybe I should see what Burley’s there are in Ireland. Grandma Ann had the green eyes and auburn hair – guess that’s where I got my coloring from.

    Anyway, that’s it – it’s been a joy to meet Paul and you (Nic) – I hope we can continue to chat and enjoy our common interests.

    I also love Paul’s new web-site; he finally put up his great art-work – he’s just a bit too modest about it, I think. Diane

  7. Thanks,again,Diane for these wonderful insights into Doug, he was such a modest and unassuming guy that he would endear himself to you, you couldn’t but like him! A lady who contacted me on my Myspace page (which had a pic of Doug as my avatar), mistook me for him, saying “I got your autograph at a celebrity tennis tournament one time” I had th break the news to her that he had passed on. She said when she asked for his autograph, he replied “Do you know who I am?, not I imagine, in the arrogant “Do you know WHO I am? kind of way, but as if he was surprised she recognised him.Then he said “Do you really want my autograph?”
    Another lady who met him said when she told how many fans he had around the world, he said “I didn’t know I had any” The more I read this kind of thing about him , the more I like him, and that I wouldn’t be nervous about asking him for his autograph. I treasure the letter I got from him (even though he took about 6 months to reply, he had given it to his mother and forgotten to reply!), he was embarrassed that he had forgotten and was very apologetic about it. I wish I had met him,but meeting James Drury, his best friend, and hearing your memories of him, and other peoples, is the next best thing.

    My E-Mail has been acting up for some time and I intend to get it fixed, if I E-Mailed you, you get it several times over, but I would be most grateful if you shared more of Doug’s Paintings with me, I have wanted to see them for so long. His charming, no-pressure sales technique probably worked a lot better than the high-pressure method. And may I return the compliment, it has been a pleasure to meet you here and read your thoughts on Doug. You also have a fascinating family history,my father had four aunts and two uncles who immigrated to America, I wrote some of them into my Virginian fan fiction on the Irish Forum, which, I’m glad to say,met with the approval of the members there, as well as those on The Virginian Authorised Group, and, I’m thrilled to say, James Drury himself!
    My friend, and Paul’s, Barbara Townsend, a big fan of Doug’s, lives in Hereford, Texas, south of Amarillo, named, I think after the cattle.

  8. Diane has kindly sent me a scan of the large pastel work that she bought from Doug. I’ll be placing that on my blog later today Nicholas along with Diane’s description of the work.

  9. Thanks, Paul and Diane for this opportunity to see Doug’s art, it has inspired to get out my sketch pad and have a go at doing some sketchs of Doug and Jim.

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