Doug McClure & Diana Blair

Doug-Blair colorDiana Blair kindly included a photo of herself and Doug McClure from the mid-1980s when I received her calendar a few years ago. The color has faded a little over the years but as you can see Doug looked fit and healthy.

Diana was a singer-songwriter friend who published his “art sketches”  in calendar form.

Author: PGreen

Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. : A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006, 2009 Softcover edition) Pete Duel : A Biography (2007, 2009 Large Print edition; Kindle edition) Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009) Jennifer Jones : Life and Films (2011)

6 thoughts on “Doug McClure & Diana Blair”

  1. That’s one of the few times I think I’ve seen him without his hat on.

    We had dinner one night – he’d had his hat on all day, and took it off when all of us went for italian food. He had to wipe his brow from the bit of sweat on his fore-head; he has nice tousled hair.

    It’s a great photo’………

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us, too, Diane. Yes, in a lot of the photos I have of him, he has a stetson on, and not as with James Drury, to cover his lack of hair! Doug said of his greying hair, “I’ve earned my grey hairs and I dig every one”! I feel exactly the same about my own!

  3. Diana Blair used to sing in Laguna Beach; at a restaurant called THE WHITE HOUSE. She had a bubbly personality; giggled a lot, and sang country/western as well as a bit of easy-listening and some very light rock and roll.

    I know she sang at other restaurants in the local area; she often sported a cow-boy hat and western attire – it was good seeing her smiling face again, and I kept trying to remember the last time I heard her perform.

    I’m going to see if I can find anything that’s current on her; try using Google to see if she’s still in the ‘lime-light’, or if like me, she’s retired……….

  4. I found this on a music website Diane:

    Diana Blair: A song I co-wrote just got digitally remastered and released on a well-known label by a well-known artist, deceased as is my cowriter.The label neglected to put my name on the CD and I even own the publishing but HFA …
    Jun 04, 09 | 2:03 am | C in a Circle – Three Copyright Firsts

  5. In the same package as the calendar and photo with Doug Diana sent me a photo of her name on a marquee outside Lloyd Hickey’s El Rancho Hotel. She was appearing with Buck Owens.

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