Trampas v The Virginian

Doug-SlideWhen I was a kid watching The Virginian every Friday evening on BBC 1 I have to admit was always a little disappointed when Trampas wasn’t featured in an episode. The Virginian character became more of an authority figure as the seasons progressed while Trampas retained humor. At times the humor became too broad and slapstick when he teamed up with David Hartman but the character was always appealing to me – until The Men From Shiloh all but destroyed his integrity.

So on a personal level Trampas alias Doug McClure was always my favorite character and actor on The Virginian.

Author: PGreen

Published work in U.S.A. for McFarland & Co. Inc. : A History of Television’s The Virginian 1962-1971 (2006, 2009 Softcover edition) Pete Duel : A Biography (2007, 2009 Large Print edition; Kindle edition) Encyclopedia of Weird Westerns (2009) Jennifer Jones : Life and Films (2011)

8 thoughts on “Trampas v The Virginian”

  1. I just noticed in this photograph, Doug’s also wearing a blue shirt and white hat – just like the painting he did of himself. I think the painting is almost a caricature, don’t you????

  2. Yes Diane. It certainly resembles Doug. In fact I’m certain it’s meant to be Doug. He loved playing Trampas and would probably have looked back to that time for his inspiration.

  3. Yes, Doug told me it’s a ‘self-portrait’, but it’s more caricature in nature, rather than an actual likeness.

    I believe he said he painted it from a photograph that someone took of him.

    It’s got that laid-back; somewhat lazy ‘Texan’ look to it – like he’s just finished a good ride; going to walk the horse off, and have himself a nice drink in the cool shade.

    Being a horse-woman myself, I know the wonderful feeling of having a horse spend a day giving you the greatest of pleasures; companionship – a fast trip on the open meadow, and then a little idle walk through the woods…………….

  4. Yes, it certainly looks like Doug, he always wore a blue shirt as Trampas, 3 different ones of slightly different material, but always blue to match the stock footage in long shots of him riding. Painting is very relaxing and hopefully it replaced smoking as a calming influence for him.

  5. Hi Paul
    Doug as (Trampas)oftern used the phrase “Yol” as a form of expression. The expression was used to cover many meanings. sometimes the expression was used when Trampas had spoken out of turn, but the expression was also used when Trumpas was over-confident with himself.
    (ect ect)
    Anyway you may be interested (Maybe it is a coincidence) the word Yol is Turkish for “The Road” or “The Way”

  6. I was a number one fan and went to see him in person, he was calling for his wife whose name was Fay, so I came running but unfortunately it wasnt me, howeversome twenty years later i married a man who could have been his double. Now fifty years later i am watching it again, I know he had cancer but wondered if he drank much,Tht virginian said he was thrnicest man he met and i will vouch for that he was kind and gracius, Thankyou for listening Fay

    1. Hi Fay: Glad you got to meet Doug in person. Many people had a great liking for Doug. An editor of a British film magazine echoed James Drury’s words in an editorial after he passed away saying he was one of the nicest actors he had the pleasure to meet. Yes he had a drinking problem which he conquered later in life. He passed away too soon.

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